Currently Nice1 Unity does not have a native or open-source WebView solution. For this reason, you can purchase a third-party plugin such as Vuplex to get Nice1 Unity to work in PC and MAC applications.

You can purchase Vuplex 20% off using Nice1 discount code from this link or contact Vuplex to get a trial.

Steps to configure Vuplex in a project with Nice1 Unity plugin:

  • Import Vuplex and Nice1 packages into your project.

  • Replace the script Assets\Vuplex\WebView\Core\Scripts\Scripts\CanvasWebViewPrefab.cs with this one CanvasWebPreviewPrefab.cs.

  • Edit LoginPanelAnchor prefab.

  • Add to LoginPanelAnchor game object the component CanvasWebViewPrefab and configures the properties as shown in the picture.

  • From Assets\Vuplex\WebView\Core\Prefabs\Resources\CanvasWebViewPrefab copy game objects: VideoLayer and CanvasWebViewPrefabView.

  • Add UI Panel (Assets\Nice1\Scripts\UI) component to VideoLayer.

  • Review Rect Transform values for each game object.

⏳ Documentation under revision, to be published soon. 🙏Thank you for your patience.

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