Introduction: Sell your licenses and assets quickly and independently. Powered by Nice1

Github repo: https://github.com/nice1-blockchain/n1licensepos

Use cases

Are you using Nice1 plugins to add the NFT license verification system to the games you have created (BTL-BlochainTrustedLicense)?

With this contract you can easily create your PointOfSale and sell your licenses and assets by accepting as payment any kind of token from the network. You choose!

How it works

Very similar to a store!

First you will have to register your product, specifying what it is, the price it will have and its internal and external reference if you need it.

Once you have your product registered, you only have to replenish the stock, this is as easy as sending the licenses to the contract and it will automatically manage the remaining units as well as a detailed report of the units sold.

For your users buying your licenses has never been so easy! They only have to send the required amount of tokens to the contract attaching in the memo the reference of the product they want to purchase and in the same transfer in which the payment arrives the license will be sent to your account.

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