Create EOS Account (Testnet)

📋 Here is step by step how to create an "EOS Account" on the Jungle4 Testnet and thus be able to test on the EOSio network without consuming resources on the mainnet.

In this document we will go through all the steps from

1️⃣ Create public and private key.

Click on "Create Key" and it will generate a public and private key:

We will save both keys and we can close the pop-up.

2️⃣ Create account.

Click on "Create Account" and a pop-up will open where we will be asked for a user name for our account (It must have 12 characters) and 2 fields where we will have to paste our public key.

Once filled in with the account name and the public key in both fields, we complete the captcha and click on create. This will automatically create the account with the name "demosniceone" as shown in the example.

If everything has worked correctly we will receive the following message:

-To confirm that the account has already been created, you can click on the "Account Info" link.

We must enter the name of the account that we have created and it will return a log with detailed information about it.

3️⃣ Add resources: EOS, RAM, CPU, NET.

In order to be able to execute contract transactions and other functionalities, we will need to have EOS (Testnet) balance in our account as well as available CPU, NET and RAM resources.

For them we will use the following functions "Faucet & PowerUp"

-In the "Faucet" section we will simply put the name of the account in which we want to receive the EOS and then EOS will be sent to that account.

-We will do the same process in the "PowerUp" section and this will assign a quota of CPU, NET and RAM to our account.

Resources can be claimed as many times as necessary.

✅Your Jungle4 Testnet account will be ready with the necessary resources to start using it.

If you visit Jungle4 Explorer and enter your account name, you will be able to see graphically the current resources available.

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