Play CharacterSelector!!!!

Once the dependencies are configured, open the scene and run it to see the demo in action.

As you can see, initially, it is the same as the Login scene.

The same web view is opened after clicking the Login button.

If the query didn't find the specified license, we'll get a "No License" text.

Otherwise, a character selection panel will appear for us.

The character licenses are configured from the CharacterSelector in the scene.

Its default data is as follows.

If we click on the green button on the panel in the scene, the licenses will be reloaded. So, for example, if we change the last license to free and update.

Now, we will be able to click the "Capsule" character.

If we click on a button,for example, Circle, a message will appear in the console:

Note: To configure the behaviour of each button after clicking on one of them, while the scene is not running from the inspector, you should click on it an add a function in the OnClick() method.

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